Job Opportunities

MT Networks LLC / Madison Telephone LLC, an equal opportunity employer, with offices in Madison and Burlington, KS is seeking applicants for a Combination Technician

MT Networks is a privately owned Fiber To The Home and Fixed Wireless broadband and voice communications service provider. The Combination Technician’s role includes, but is not limited to: central office, transport networking, outside plant, and inside premise work. 

Technical Staff Skills and Responsibilities for MT Networks

Central Office 

  • Learn and understand voice customer provisioning, troubleshooting, and technical practice for both the ILEC & CLEC environments, using Metaview Web and Metaview Explorer platforms.
  • Learn and understand IP Layer Two transport and service provisioning, troubleshooting, and technical practice for both the ILEC & CLEC environments, using Calix CMS, Mikrotik, and similar tools.
  • Learn and understand wireless point to point or point to multipoint software management systems, wireless network theory and best practice application.

Customer Premise

  • Time management & scheduling, troubleshooting and installation of broadband and voice customers including, but not limited to:
    • ONT installation, replacement & recovery
    • Battery Pack and wiring installation, and replacement
    • CAT5e wiring installation & repair
    • Customer WiFi router installation and programming
    • Awareness and participation of current company promotions
  • Management, scheduling, troubleshooting and installation of broadband customers on wireless point to point and point to multipoint networks. 

Buried Fiber Plant 

  • Time management, scheduling, communication, to locate, paint, and flag buried fiber optic plant facilities in both the ILEC & CLEC environments. 
  • Meet underground contractors on site when appropriate and assist in discovery of MT Networks underground facilities when risk mitigation is prudent.
  • Annual mowing, trimming, and spraying of buried plant facilities, pedestals, cabinets, etc. 
  • Supervision, leadership, planning, and coordination working with subcontractors in facilities operation, electronics, splicing, or other aspects of outside plant work. 
  • Fiber Optical cable splicing, testing and troubleshooting.

This is a full time position consisting of 40 hour weeks from 8-5 Monday through Friday with on-call obligations shared among technical staff.

Applicants should be able to climb a ladder, bend, stoop, and be able to lift 50 pounds. Rooftop installations, and the use of man lifts and bucket trucks is included in wireless network technical skills.    

MT Networks employee benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Health & Dental Insurance contribution
  • PTO and compensated vacation
  • 401K contribution 
  • Local broadband & telephone service
  • Cellular phone plan

Resume and applicant inquiries should be directed to: 

MT Network's Operations Manager -

Rob McDonald