Diantha Stutesman

Owner/President/Business Office Manager

Diantha Stutesman

Early in Diantha’s career she was a customer service representative for all aspects of the business in both the regulated and non-regulated business lines.

She was instrumental in our reselling of cellular service through a national carrier. She oversaw the opening of a second retail store within our area which continues today.

Today, Diantha focuses mainly on human resources, payroll, marketing and still provides great customer service. Additionally, she provides leadership and direction to the management team.

How long have you been with the company?

Since 2000 

Biggest pet peeve

Several of my pet peeves revolve around driving... not using a blinker, not coming to a complete stop, driving too slow in the left lane, etc. 

Best part of the job

I have the best employees, although my favorite part of my job is doing payroll and payroll taxes.