Reviews & Testimonials

Great family owned business that specializes in excellent service, support, and products. Their internet is via lightning fast fiber optics, along with their television and phone service. They are also an authorized Verizon dealer, and offer UPS pick up service too. The entire staff is second to.....Read more.

Excellent service and the most reliable internet service we’ve ever had!..Read more.

So far this has been the most trouble free internet service I have ever used. I switched to MT Networks as soon as they had my area wired...Read more.

Just wanted to send a quick atta girl your way!  I have been asked to work from home since Friday night (including ALL day Saturday and Sunday).  The internet has worked flawlessly!  We have had a number of issues with others that are also working from home on different providers but not ours.....Read more.

Small family owned business that tries very hard to give the best service they can with internet, tv, and phone via fiber to the home...Read more.